2010 NALTEA Conference, Dallas TX

On October 22nd the National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors kicked off its 8th national conference.  NALTEA members from around the country converged at

Wanda Steudel & Quanah Rhodes

the Crowne Plaza in Dallas TX for two days of education, certification classes, future planning, and networking. After a cocktail reception for members on Friday evening, President Pat Scott officially started the conference on Saturday morning with his opening remarks, and then conducting the business of the treasurers report presented by Wanda Steudel, and committee reports.

With official business out of the way, the informative line up of expert speakers began with David Pelligrinelli offering an almost two-hour presentation about non-traditional title

David Pelligrinelli

searching. The seminar included discussion of ten practice areas including mineral rights searching, cell tower searches, environmental liens projects, and wind/solar farm projects. He demonstrated tips on performing these advanced searches, as well as ideas for developing a client base and pricing. According to Pelligrinelli, seasoned and experienced abstractors will see increasing opportunities in these areas. “Experts such as NALTEA members and certified abstractors are in a position to be in high demand for these underserved markets, as clients have trouble finding qualified searchers,” he said. After a members lunch where there was great food and productive conversation, Quanah Rhodes trained the members going for their NALTEA Certified Abstractor designation.

Quanah Rhodes certification instruction

At the same time other members participated in a roundtable discussion about the nature and future of title searching. The event was so well attended that two separate discussion needed to be arranged. Pat Scott led a discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the future for abstractors, while Joel Kissell presented ideas for independent abstractors to use technology to further their business.

In the next discussion, Christie Phillips talked more about non-traditional searches and

NALTEA Conference Presentation

offered her own personal experiences working in this area of business, and her dealing with many customers for these types of searches. To finish out the day, NALTEA planning and events committee chair Ed Gunther arranged for members to hear from the Dallas County Recorder John Warren, who spoke to NALTEA members with information from the inside of a records office. They heard fascinating insight regarding the technology involved, and how the county protects its residents from identity theft. Mr. Warren was impressed enough with the association to stay around and speak with members informally for a while after his talk.

Frank Navarro, John Warren, Ed Gunther

On Saturday evening, members were treated to an unscheduled night out to dinner at

Surprise for Patricia Roberts Birthday

Cantina Laredo. In addition to an excellent evening of socializing with fellow members, the attendees heard the baritone tunes of Board Member Ed Gunther, who entertained the group. The group also surprised Patricia Roberts by celebrating her birthday.  On the final day, attendees held their annual election of board members, where Ed Gunther and David Pelligrinelli were both re-elected. This was followed by a town hall style meeting where Jill Kissell engaged the group in a conversation about how NALTEA can best help its members in the future. “This is your association.  We can only be as good as our members.  Where do you want to see this association go?  What do you want your Board to do for you in the coming year?” she asked. As part of the discussion Vice President Doug Gallant offered suggestions about member benefits.

Jill Kissell (center) leads town hall discussion

Title insurance expert Bob Philo made the final speaking presentation. He spoke to

Bob Philo & his crystal ball

members about what abstractors can see in the future for opportunities and keys to success. His “crystal ball” revealed good fortune in areas of non-traditional searching, and also in providing expert witness testimony for clients.  After having the audience raise their right hands and be sworn in, he declared “you are all now experts,” and sent the crowd out to be successful.

At the conclusion of the event, the

Stephanie Haley NCA receiving her certificate from Debi Merrill

directors along with Secretary Tamikio Veasely conducted their monthly board meeting, and Education Committee chair Debi Merrill presented Stephanie Haley with her NCA certificate after she passed her certification exam.

Attendees came away with a great deal of knowledge and ideas for future success. Carol Walker, who attended from Arizona said that she thinks “it is always good for us to get together with fellow abstractors to see what is going on in other parts of the country.” As the Board of Directors begin planning the next annual conference, they look to the success of the 2010 conference and the direction of Planning & Events Committee chair Ed Gunther. At the end of the conference he had this to say about those who came to Dallas; “I want to thank all of our speakers – they did a great job! I’m sure every attendee was able to take home a good idea or two from each of the presentations.”

Additional pictures are posted below, and readers can view more pictures from the event on the NALTEA Facebook page, from this link.

“A great mix of people.  A good group to spend time with.”–  Jill Kissell

“I’d like to thank all of our presenters and members who worked so hard to make this conference such a successful and memorable event.  I’m already looking forward to NALTEA 2011.” – PAT Scott, NALTEA President

Debi Merrill

Doug Gallant & Tamikio Veasely

Eddie Carrillo, Wanda Steudel

Christie Phillips and Sandy Bevens

Patricia Roberts and Rob Gallant

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